I Forgot That You Existed

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I feel terrible saying this, but I forgot I had received a copy of this book until just now looking through my account. I gave my arc away ages ago since I lost interest in reading the full book after the first chapter sample. I have grown to not be able to stomach horror, in my defense, and I feel bad only giving The Haunted one star, but I don't know what other star rating to give to a book that I literally forgot I owned. Past Me thought she could handle horror and Present Me stays strictly in her lane of romance and books that make me cry. Unfortunately now I have this long review to fill up and there is a minimal chance I'll seek this book out at my library or a bookstore to properly finish, so I hope its new home is able to read the book and enjoy it for me. Also, BookishFirst, you should have a DNF option, since I'm surely not the only one who has DNFed a book before.