Haunted Thriller

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One thing is for sure I am very happy that I didn’t read this book at night I would’ve had too many nightmares.

Hendricks moves into this spooky house with her family, to start a new life. Hendricks has secrets of her own and the house also has secrets of its own, I remember mentioning that in the beginning while she is in her new school that her new friends were like the kids from Casper the movie when the new girl moves in and the kids find out which house she moved into and they all tell the story of how it’s haunted and they all want to go over and party. That whole scenario played out in this book, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Anyway since Hendricks is dealing with her own battles, there is something haunting her, or maybe the house? She thinks it’s her past, which we later find out lol is by far one of the worst things that an happen to a woman in general. Anyway she befriends Eddie, and then the weird kid in school, and he knows that the house is also haunted and he helps Hendricks, or at least he tries.

The ending is so sad but then so good, because the town mystery and the house mystery is all solved and finally all the pieces come together. That’s the good bad, the bad part i won’t say, gotta read the book you guys!! It’s a short read (at least for me.)