Great YA thriller

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I honestly really enjoyed this book a lot. I’m a huge fan of horror and thriller books and it’s always so much fun to read a great YA thriller. I almost forgot how much I liked these. Anything involving the paranormal, supernatural, occult... I’m all about it and this definitely checks all those boxes. Demonic ghosts, haunted houses, creepy town backstory. This was just so good. I was legit scared in a few parts of this book. I loved Eddie’s character. I was Team Eddie from the very beginning. The ending part with the skeletons was a tad bit ridiculous but it does end up being kind of a big part in the sequel book so I do like how it ended up tying it all together. I did put off reading this book until closer to the sequel being released and I’m glad I did. I immediately ran out and got The Unleashed (book 2) and I have to say that that book was just as good, if not a tad bit better, which is rare for a sequel to be able to accomplish. These were the first books I have read by Danielle Vega but they for sure won’t be my last. I’ve already added all her other books to my TBR list.