great light popcorn thriller

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I'm a sucker for ghost stories and this one had promise! While I won't say it was an amazing masterpiece it was a fun book to read and I was hooked and enjoyed every minute of it. Yes it had to include the teen romance that almost every YA book does. I mean when will they stop putting it in every book almost. Not every teen want's a love story in every book.

The ghost story angle was good and solid and had a creepy chilling vibe and was overall the main reason I kept reading I wanted to find out how it all turned on in the end. The writing flowed well and it was a fast read. This book's cover is creepy and what makes you want to pick it up and maybe gets your reading.

I know there is a book 2 so maybe I need to revisit The Haunted and read book 2 this Spooktober reading season. I mean ghost, October and Halloween kinda go hand in hand. So adding book 2 to my maybe tbr.