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Really looking forward to a teenage haunted house story, but the plot was basic and the main character was awful. Abruptly moving into a new town, Hendricks is running from her past. Invited to the popular group at school, she learns of the daunting history of her new home where strange occurrences threaten the safety of her family and her sanity. She enlists the help of her goth neighbor to finally uncover the truth of the ghosts that are haunting her house and save her family.

I was excited for this book and the story is structured within the first few chapters. Hendricks shows a realism that stems from the violence of her past and isn't the typical horror movie teen that makes all the wrong decisions. Then, somewhere in the middle of like Chapter 5, she becomes that girl. She clearly makes all the wrong decisions and becomes increasingly selfish in regards to her family and the popular group she morphs into toward the middle. When she finally meets her goth neighbor, I could find more chemistry in a dumpster fire. This is exactly what the ending was: a dumpster fire. It was a rush to solve all the mysteries of this girl's life which was basically burn everything and kill everyone in the worst way possible. I did not like this book.