A Story That Left Me Wanting More

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The Haunted kept me wanting to read more and more to figure out what was in that house haunting Hendricks, and to know why they chose her. It's a typical scary story of a new girl moves into town and her family chooses the haunted house as their new home. It felt very 'American Horror Story-Murder House' to me. The overall story was very captivating, with it's moments that got my heart racing out of nowhere with the horror, and it had some very slight touches of a romance triangle between a good and bad guy. I don't feel as though I got closure as to why the habitants of the house chose Hendricks, though. Nor do I feel like I got enough back story on Hendricks and her ex-boyfriend that caused her so much grief and ultimately this move. It felt very rushed and unfinished when I got to the end of this tale. Similar to the way you feel at the end of most Netflix movies.