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I've only read half of the First Review for THE HAUNTED. I am already so excited about the book that I wanted to share my thoughts. The Genre for the book is Young Adults. Well, I'm a 76-year-old-young-adult! I can't wait to purchase the book.

Henricks, a young high school girl, has moved to a new town, into a new house, and will be the "new kid" at high school. The family moved from their old home and town in a hurry. When they get to the new town, Henricks is reminded by her parents that now she has a clean slate. Why did they move so fast? Why is her OLD slate NOT clean?

Being the new kid in school is not easy. You are judged by the way you dress, the way you speak, just about everything you do. Henricks has met a few of the students. Portia, her school ambassador, sized her up as soon as she saw her. Will Portia be a friend?

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and I want to find them!