Thrilling Family Drama

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The Half Sister is not quite a thriller (until perhaps the last 1/4 of the book). It is more of a family drama. Lauren and her sister Kate both live in the London area with the husbands. Their father passed away in the past year and their mom Rose now lives alone. One day when Lauren and Kate are at their mother's house a young woman, Jess, shows up claiming to be the daughter of their dad. The ladies are shocked to hear that they may have a half sister that they never knew about. Lauren is more accepting of the idea, but Kate, who is a journalist is suspicious and begins digging around. It turns out that Lauren submitted her DNA to a genealogy website and that is what put them on Jess' radar.

The story alternated between Kate and Lauren's perspective. The sisters become estranged after Jess shows up. They didn't ever really see eye to eye but things get worse. Both sisters envy the other's life. Meanwhile, Kate is desperate to have a child and is undergoing IVF...while Lauren hides that fact that her husband is cruel and mean to her.

If you go in thinking of this as a family drama vs. a thriller you will probably enjoy it more. The story itself was interesting but the pacing was a little slow. The pace picked up in the last 1/3 of the book when all the skeletons started coming out of the closets.