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THE TRUTH: Sandie Jones is incapable of writing a novel that won’t make your jaw DROP and your head SPIN. Her characters come to life with the greatest of ease and the events play out like they are happening to you personally. THE LIE: It’s Predictable. HA! FALSE! Just when you think you know, YOU DO NOT KNOW. I am always ASTONISHED that Sandie Jones continues to keep me guessing in each and every story she writes.
THE UNTHINKABLE: As I said before, when you think you know, you truly have no idea, and this book is no exception!

There is one plot point that I wish could have been wrapped up a bit more, but I listened to this on audio and read through the hardcover simultaneously so I may have just missed it. I was slightly off kilter with the narrator of the audiobook, sometimes the voices seemed to blend together and I would have to go back a bit to see who was speaking. Don’t worry, this novel, as all of Her books, will be read again and again!