The Half-Sister Review

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Overall this was like a 4.5 but not going to bump it up to a 5 because it did take me a bit to get into the book/characters. Pretty great read though, the characters were all interesting and while there was a lot going on and a lot of misdirection, it was not the drawn out annoying kind so i didn't mind being kept guessing! The ending was a little surprising and sudden for my liking but i think i have read other books from this author so some what expected it and at least it wasn't a bad ending.

Not really the type of book you'd re-read but i would certainly recommend it. The characters were great, the story was complex and even had me second guessing and rereading parts to make sure i read it right because there was just a of similar things going on and it could get a little confusing if you're rushing to read it. Would buy though and read more from this author.