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I believe this is my second book from this author and I wasn't too terribly a fan. The story was good, and I felt semi-connected to the characters, or at least like I knew them and was invested. However, there were parts of the story that just drug on and some pieces were insanely repetitive, it was like "yes I get it, so and so XXX so and so" [Trying to avoid spoilers of any sort]. The story is written in two point of views, of Kate and Lauren, and I will say that was well done in that it didn’t feel clunky and flowed just fine. But the story was a bit predictable and slow in some parts and then just kind of came to a weird conclusion (the climactic scene). Also this is less of a mystery/thriller than a family drama. For these reasons I'm going to give the book 3 stars. It’s a quick read so if you are intrigued by the book summary it won’t be a bad time investment.