Left Me Wanting More

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I really loved The First Mistake and couldn’t wait to pick this one up. I really enjoyed the first chapter with the initial set up, but then it kind of lost me. The book felt very disjointed. The timeline would either go at a normal pace from chapter to chapter or it would jump weeks. I liked the characters would fluctuate from being likable and not likable. There were a lot of different possibilities that were hinted for the ending and I’m not sure if what actually happened made me satisfied. It was a twist, but not one I particularly enjoyed. I felt like something better could have happened.⁣ It didn't even really feel like a thriller. I never felt the suspenseful feeling that I look for when reading a thriller novel. I want to feel like I'm on the edge of my seat and this book never made me feel that way. Putting all of my thoughts together leave me wanting more.