It's on par with her other novels

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I think the reason that Jones's books are so well liked is because they are so easy to fall into. The conversational writing style, the slightly less than three dimensional characters, and the intriguing enough storyline makes them an easy go to read. This one was no different. I read the excerpt first, but the same day that I started the excerpt, a copy of the book showed up in the mail. I opted to just keep reading at that point because I wasn't invested in the story, but I was curious and I needed something easy to just relax to. This book was perfect for that. You had a pretty good idea of where it was going, and there are lots of high attention details that are placed in an effort to "throw off" the reader, but because of the focus she places on them, you know that they're pretty immaterial to the story. It's kind of the equivalent of vegging out to television. That being said, I know better now than to give away this book, because I've done that twice before with her others, and I've come back to both simply because of their ease of reading. This one, I'm sure, will be no different. They're good for reading when you want to de-stress. I'm going to save myself the hassle of trying to reacquire this one by just holding onto it, even though I'm semi-chomping at the bit to pass it on. Now, however, I know better. Third time's the charm, and all that.