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This is the book that when you get it - you say "okay, it sounds good".

As someone who read the author's two previous novels, and didn't like those. Why would I read this? To once again give someone a fair chance.

The Other Woman was interesting, yet it ended up being cliché.

I read that knowing I was getting a copy of "The First Mistake". After being disappointed with The Other Woman, I shook it off. It was a debut. "The First Mistake" ended up being a mistake.

Third time is a charm, right? Not with this one. Again ... family drama, bickering, too many characters. It seemed more like it was family angst than a real story. In addition, another cliché - half sibling from somewhere. There was also little to no conversation which probably would end about 95% of books like this. The characters were more like caricatures than real people.

This is the third "less than stellar" read of Jones' I have experienced. And, as much as I hate to - it will be the last.