Great mystery read full of twists and turns!!

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The Half Sister starts with a heck of a hook when a stranger arrives during a family dinner and reveals she is the half sister to our two main characters Kate and Hannah. As you can imagine, the news isn’t taken too well except by the older sister Hannah. While Hannah is more accepting, Kate is determined to proof Jess isn’t who she says she is. Our story follows Kate and Hannah as we learn more about their current lives, their pasts, and how each deals with their half sister Jess. Along the way, secrets are revealed as the girls set out to get answers though they are not always the answers they want.

I was drawn to The Half Sister because I had enjoyed The Other Woman by Sandie Jone’s last year so I was looking to see what her next novel brought. I am happy to say it delivered again with an interesting premise the had lots of twists that kept me guessing. I usually can figure out at least part of the twists before the end and actually thought I had it figured out but this time Sandie got me because each theory I had was overturned the deeper the girls looked into Jess and their pasts.

I was not a huge fan of any of the characters when the novel started initially because Kate seemed conceited and Hannah was letting her husband run all over her. As the story progressed and Sandie showed us snippets into Kate and Hannah’s life, it was easy for me to relate to them and I began to root for them.

My favorite takeaway from the novel is how important communication is. Without it, things easily become misunderstood. I also enjoy the focus on secrets never staying secrets and life is not always greener on the other side.

My final rating is 4 stars for the interesting plot, unexpected twists, complex characters, and a nice wrapped up ending. I highly recommend The Half Sister to mystery fans.