Great mystery

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Here's what you need to know about this book: #mystery #familydrama #whodunit #secretlives


I finished this book in two days, which is quick for me! I felt it started a little slow, and it took some time for me to become invested in the characters and their lives. Once I did though, I could not put it down. The Half Sister kept me guessing until the very end which I absolutely loved. The ending made sense to me, but I was also shocked! Always a good combination.


After the death of their father, sisters Kate and Lauren try to stay connected. They share meals together and seemingly share their lives. But there is something lurking right below the surface. Both Kate and Lauren are keeping secrets from one another, and when a woman shows up at the door claiming to be their half-sister, Kate and Lauren wonder if their relationship will survive. And, perhaps more importantly, who really is this woman? And can she be trusted?