Great Domestic Thriller!

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The Half Sister is a thrilling domestic thriller. I’ve read all of Sandie Jones’ novels and this one is my favorite.

Thirty-something Kate’s family might seem perfect at first glance. That façade starts to crumble when a young woman named Jess shows up at Sunday lunch claiming to be Kate’s half-sister. Kate can’t believe her late father would ever have had an affair, but her sister Lauren is more inclined to hear Jess out. Kate is determined to put all her journalistic skills into proving that Jess is not who she says she is. But can Kate handle the truth?

The Half Sister kept me guessing until the end. I usually figure out what’s going on pretty well, but this book put me through my paces. There was more than one twist that caught me by surprise. If you’re looking for fast-paced thriller that will keep you turning the pages, then The Half Sister is the book for you.