Good cozy mystery type thriller

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I really enjoy the books that Sandie Jones writes. I loved The Other Woman and this one definitely has similar vibes to her other books. I love a good family drama story but this one felt like it was missing the “wow” factor a bit. It is a bit of a slow burn with the first half of the book being pretty slow going but the second half really starts picking up and it sure does get interesting. Lauren and Kate are sisters and ever since their dad passed away they make sure to get their families together and have lunch together every Sunday. During one of these Sunday get togethers a woman named Jess shows up with a note that holds the results of a DNA test stating that she is Lauren and Kate’s half sister. The family dynamic starts unraveling and little by little you start to understand how one sister had a different relationship with their parent than the other sisters did. This one did a good job making me stick around to find out what was going to happen. If you’re a fan of Sandie Jones and her other books then you’ll enjoy this one too.