Book Review: The Half Sister

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3.5/5 stars!

Everything is about to change for Kate and Lauren. A stranger has shown up at their door with shocking news. The woman standing before them, Jess, is their half sister. She has the results of a DNA test, which prove that they share the same father. This secret will open the door to many more that the family has kept close to the chest for years.

THE HALF SISTER is a domestic drama surrounding a family that believes themselves to be the epitome of average and normal. With the arrival of Jess and the revelation that she’s their half sister, Kate and Lauren, lose all trust between them. The secrets continue to unravel and soon trust is lost not just between two sisters, but between their mother and their spouses. This is the kind of popcorn, binge read that is perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool!

Sandie Jones has a real nack for being able to take relationships between her characters and crush them beneath secrets. This is something I say with love! I really enjoy the dramatics that come with every Jones story. I know the minute I open the pages to one of her books I’m in for something entertaining and THE HALF SISTER delivers just that! With two sisters, Kate and Lauren, at the forefront of the book, the reader is able to watch their reactions to the situation at hand. In addition to their reactions to Jess, we also watch as they slowly reveal their own set of secrets to the reader and eventually themselves.

THE HALF SISTER alternates perspectives between Kate and Lauren, which keeps the reader clinging to the pages to get back to each character’s narratives. I love when authors do this! In addition to alternating narratives to keep you engaged, Jones also gives the reader short chapters that are easy to make their way through. While you won’t find anything out of the ordinary in this book, what you will find is entertainment. It’s the perfect book to cleanse your palate or if you’re just looking for something fun to read!

A huge thank you to Minotaur Books and BookishFirst for my free copy!