Another Sandie Jones Hit

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Y’all, I love Sandie Jones, okay.
The girl knows how to write a domestic thriller!

I was so excited to read The Half Sister and it did not disappoint! The story follows sisters Kate and Lauren. One seemingly normal afternoon at a family dinner, a young woman shows up claiming to be the long lost daughter of Kate and Lauren’s late father. Lauren is accepting and quick to believe her while Kate is apprehensive and certain that her father would never betray their family in such a way. As one sister works to welcome her and the other trying to take her down, we watch secrets unfold one after another until the final truth is revealed.

This book had me actually yelling at the characters. It was like when you watch a scary movie and you’re saying NO DONT GO IN THAT ROOM!!—-but I was yelling at the book! I was SO invested. I even thought I had everything figured out and was pretty proud of myself but, as always in every good thriller, I was wrong! My only reservation in giving this book a 5 star was the final reveal was different from what I expected or maybe what I wanted. It was an absolute issue of personal preference and nothing to do with how great this book is! I highly recommend you go out and buy this one! And if you haven’t read The Other Woman or The First Mistake by Jones, just go get them ALL!