Another best seller!

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Sandie Jones is an auto-buy author for me so you can imagine how excited I was when I got approved for this book!

Kate and Lauren’s lives seemed like a perfect dream from the outside looking in. But if they were both hiding secrets from each other, both envious of the others life. When Jess walks in to their mothers home in the middle of their Sunday lunch and claims to be their half sister, those secrets start to unravel.

4.5! Like all Sandie Jones books, this one was full of drama, twists and secrets! I was hooked from the start! I both hated and loved the characters and found myself both rooting and booing some of them at the same time!

The alternating perspectives between the two blood sisters offered a unique insight into each of their lives and how different they really were from the outside and inside. Grab your copy on June 16th and see if you can predict the ending!