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When you first read the synopsis that is given you wouldn't think this would be a book about sisters who are jealous of one another and then have their lives turned upside down by a half sister appearing on day. We're introduced to Kate, the younger sister who has a loving husband but they're struggling with infertility issues. Then we're introduced to her sister Lauren who has three children with her husband Simon, but there are a lot of issues with Lauren and Simon's marriage. While I'm crossing my fingers for Kate and Matt to get pregnant and have a baby, I'm really interested to see how Lauren and Simon's marriage turns out. One day at the weekly Sunday lunch a young woman shows up claiming that she is their father's daughter. The problem being no one has any idea what she is talking about and their father is dead. Jess claims she just wants to get to know her father and already knows all of their names. I'm very curious to see how everything plays out. I'm always down for a great thriller.