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Engrossed immediately in the Half Sister

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Wow! This book pulled me in right away. Family tension abounds at the weekly meal where Kate and her sister's family get together at their mother's home. Immediately we can tell that there is no love lost between these two sister's. Kate and her husband Matt are going through infertility (and have been for years) but aren't sharing their struggles, so her older sister Lauren (a mom of three kids) is unknowingly making matters worse with her assumptions and comments to Kate.

This week's family dinner is disrupted when a stranger, Jess, barges in demanding to talk with their father Harry. Little does Jess know that Harry passed away a year ago and no one in the family is willing to tell her once she lets it be known that she is his daughter. Harry's wife Rose, kicks Jess out and vehemently denies that him having a daughter with someone else is possible.

I can't wait to read more about this story and this family's secrets.