Eager to know more about Jess and her story...

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This book drops a bombshell early on, when a girl named Jess shows up at a family dinner and claims to be the daughter of Kate and Lauren's father and Rose's husband. Jess has come to see him and doesn't realize that he has died.

Meanwhile, we are also given a glimpse into the struggles that Kate and Lauren both face in their lives and their marriages. I'm interested to see how this all ties in.

I'm already suspicious of Simon and wondering if he had something to do with Jess showing up on their doorstep. But Lauren admitted to seeing similarities in Jess' looks and mannerisms, so it does seem that she may be related to them.

What is the truth? Did he father a child with another woman? Is it possible he was simply a sperm donor in his youth? Right now I'm left with more questions than answers and I want to know exactly what the truth is!