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Would love a sequel!

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I absolutely loved this book from start to finish. The writing made the story both intriguing and easy to follow. By the middle of the book I was already attached all the girls and their different personalities; and really liked learning all of their backstories to see why they act the way they do (especially Violet). Aster and Clem's relationship was so touching and honestly made me wish my sister liked me that much (lol). The story definitely did remind me of the Handmaid's Tale due to the lifestyles forced upon the Good Luck Girls, but it was completely unique and kept me hooked throughout the entire book. Good Luck Girls was fantasy, adventure, and a bit of romance rolled into one. I'd love to see a sequel, even if it's just to see how the girls are doing in their new lives and how Clem and Zee are together now that they have time to be alone rather than part of a bad@ss girl gang. I think the only thing that I didn't love was that Eli wasn't involved in more of the book. He and Aster connected so well and I honestly just wasn't ready to see him go!