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Deserves More HYPE! Don't Sleep On This!

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Content Warning: Sex Slavery, Oppression, Torture, Psycological Warfare, PTSD, Addiction, 

There needs to be so much more hype & promo for this. Absolutely stunningly amazing book. Cannot praise it enough. Can barely even form sentences after finishing. Just WOW!!!

>Immediately gripping
>Intense & emotional
>Did not want to stop reading for anything
>Yesss group of girl bandits on the run & taking names.
>The only thing I’d like is pictures of the flowers of their favors since I’m ignorant in this arena.
>Not typically a fan of the wild wild west because colonizers narratives & white washing of history and all that, but damn did I love this.
>Love this world. Nothing about the Veil or how the magic works is explained, but that’s not necessary & might bog down the narrative at this point. The foundation of Arketta, with debtors punishments, the selling of girls, the marks of ownership are built solidly based on the common practices in our world. I really appreciate Davis’s research and sensitive use of these realities. Def. Recommend her recommendations in the end & then some.
>FYI readers & reviewers: these girls are escaped sex slaves, not prostitutes or sex workers. There’s a huuuuuuuge difference between them all.  Google it.
>All the characters are vividly realized, jumping off the page
>Love how each side of an axis is examined re: situation you’re born into & surviving the oppressive structures around you. Yes, it’s a thrilling root for the underdogs on the run action packed ride, but it’s also a nuanced depiction and dissertation worthy. 
>Didn’t see shit coming
>LOVE that ending!
>One confirmed w/w ship & one potential on the horizon I desperately want to set sail in the sequel
Made SO many bookmarks & highlights. Here are a few from the beginning with no spoilers.

>>>Still, even as she squeezed her sister’s hand in reassurance, all she could think was: Don’t thank me yet.

>>>It was both a uniquely horrifying story and all too common, something that might have happened to anyone she grew up with. .

>>>But there was no such thing as a good brag. Every last one of them knew the girls they paid for were prisoners.

>>“As long as you all will have me, I’ll be happy just to stick with you.”

>>Everyone deserved to be free, though. Everyone deserved to feel this.