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A promising debut!

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The Good Luck Girls is a western-themed fantasy about five young women who escape the Welcome House to which they were sold. Their lives in the brothel are controlled by the the house mother, who is as cruel as the men who lay claim upon their bodies for their pleasure.

The main character, Aster, is the brave natural leader of a group of five women, including her biological younger sister Clementine. She leads the girls out of the house and onto a weeks-long journey in search of an uncertain hope for freedom. Along their treacherous journey, they encounter both allies and enemies, and face near-death situations.

The Good Luck Girls is for the reader who enjoys plot-driven stories. Although the characters were distinct and appropriately morally-grey, the author did not give them the depth I am used to seeing in novels that are more character-driven (obviously), with the exception of the main character. In short, the story was all about this single journey with obstacles inserted to keep up the pacing. It was a relatively simple plot with a magical world that added complexity.

By the novel’s end, I was still unclear about the fantasy/magical elements of the world, but I don’t think this distracted from the overall story. However, the book did feel unnecessarily long with too few twists to account for it. Rather, the story seemed extended with (some) unnecessary complications. Still, I was satisfied by the resolution of each of the girls’ journeys.