A Gritty Tale of Female Fortitude

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**3.5 Stars**

The Good Luck Girls was an intriguing mash up of varying genres that told an adventurous tale. The world was a strikingly gritty backdrop to the innocence of four young women on their search for freedom. With an unabashed writing style, this author wrote a thought-provoking story with many realistic connections to the real world.

I loved the premise of this tale and how easy it was to feel the horrors surrounding the reality of young women bought for sex, and how each girl brought a different perspective to how it had shaped them and helped them to keep going. They were emotionally affected yet incredibly resilient—sometimes even ridiculously so. Stories of women prevailing against all odds are always so exciting to read and there was a part of me that loved that aspect all on its own. I did find that the pace was inconsistent at times and it made for some lag in how fast I read it, leading to a multitude of moments where I put it down because it wasn't fully keeping me dialed in—and that alone is the reason for the lower rating. However, I am excited to see where this story and its characters go in the next book.