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Enjoyable and heart warming with an unexpected twist or two. I loved this story about Eliza and her Godmothers and the bonds that they share. The love and care that Olivia and Maxie have for Eliza was evident throughout the whole book through. It is also clear that they loved their friend, her mother, Jeannie, immensely. McInerney included adventures in multiple countries and friendships that spanned the miles.

I wasn’t crazy about the side plots, only because I don’t feel they were fully developed and left me wanting more I think both of the Montgomery boys could have been developed more, as could Eliza’s romance with Lawrence. Finally, if I could re-write the ending, Eliza would be running the hotel herself!

Many thanks due to BookishFirst for sending a copy my way. #BookishFirst @BookishFirst #TheGodmothers @MonicaMcinerneyAuthor