A Lovely Found Family Story!

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I had read a previous book by this author (Hello From The Gillespies) and really enjoyed it, so I was excited to pick up another. I was also completely enthralled by the characters in this one! I loved the godmothers, and their willingness to take on the bereft 17 year old daughter of their best friend. Learning the backstories of not only their friendship, but that of their troubled friend (Eliza's mother) added so much to the characterization of the book. The secrets that Eliza's godmothers hold about her mother, and who her father may be, keep the plot moving and and engaging. The everyday tasks of living give the story a realness, like you are walking along in their shoes. There are some anxiety issues discussed, as well as an LGBT aspect, both of which I always love to see represented in a book.

Overall an immersive and interesting story about found family with a very satisfying conclusion. I'm excited to read more from this author as I've now had two winners!