A Delightful Read

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A delightful story of family and friendship. While an intimidating 435 pages, it did not disappoint by feeling too long. I thought the character development along with the plot development were both excellent. This made the length feel just right.

Raised by a single mother, Eliza has always been close to her godmothers. When an unexpected tragedy takes place, Eliza's life goes in a direction she couldn't have planned. What made this such a delightful read is the people Eliza meets in her life. Complex at times but loving, loyal, and full of life. One of my favorite characters is a charming 11 year old named Sullivan. His honesty and youth is a fun read.

I think this book can be recommended widely and would be great on audiobook. The book has characters in Australia, Scotland, and Ireland and I think hearing the accents would add another layer to the experience.