I almost with I had Godmothers like these...

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For as long as Eliza can remember it's just been her and her mother and her mother's two friends, Eliza's Godmothers.

Maxie and Olivia bring light and excitement to their otherwise quiet, solitary life.

When Maxie and Olivia begin taking Eliza on annual vacations (one week with each) it opens up the world to her. Until the day she returns and no one is there to meet her.

Years later, Eliza is all grown up - and stuck at a job that leaves her overworked and underpaid. She doesn't mind though as the job gives her a routine and a sense of safety and security.

Out of the blue that safety is gone when the company is sold AND she's given notice to vacate her apartment.

Thankfully her Godmothers swoop in just when needed...