Godmother support system

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The Godmothers by Monica McInerney is about Eliza, who as a girl moved around frequently with her mom (her dad was out of the picture). When she's feeling a bit out of place -- all her classmates have big families coming to a school concert -- her godmothers step in. And from then on, each of the two takes Eliza on a week-long holiday every year. Sadly, it's on one of those holidays that Eliza's mom suddenly dies.

After giving that background, the story jumps 13 years later; Eliza is working in Melbourne but finds her company's been sold and she's out of a job. Oh, and she has 3 months to vacate the apartment where she's lived for eight years. Can/will her godmothers step in to save her again?

The Godmothers has a sweet cover. The dominant image is a line drawing of three women wearing red dresses, leaning in toward each other.