Realistic and Emotional

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The Girls at 17 Swann Street is an emotional, heartbreaking story of a woman struggling with an eating disorder and her fellow patients. I was swept up into Anna’s world. Her struggle and disappointments that contributed to the development of her anorexia broke my heart.

Anna is a former ballet dancer from Paris who moved to St. Louis to follow her scientist husband. She has not adjusted well to her new home. In fact, she has developed anorexia and now weighs only 88 pounds. Readers follow her as she is admitted to the treatment facility at 17 Swann Street. There, she meets Emm, Valerie, Julia, and Sara, fellow patients with demons of their own. Will Anna and the other patients accept the fact that they have a disease and work to conquer it, or will they let their diseases conquer them?

I rooted for Anna, Valerie, Julia, Emm, and Sara the whole time. The Girls at 17 Swann Street did an excellent job portraying eating disorders and the distorted thinking that comes along with them. I have not personally experienced an eating disorder, but someone close to me had severe anorexia. Given that, I feel confident saying that the portrayal was very realistic and emotional. Please pick up a copy and read it! You will not be disappointed.