Favorite Book Ever

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This is my favorite book of all time. It is a realistic and fantastic look at what an eating disorder can do to a person, their life, those around them, and how treatment can be extremely difficult and how it sometimes is not successful. As someone who has personally dealt with the issue of disordered eating in my own life, I would like to say that there should be a major trigger warning on this book, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I personally was not triggered, and this book assisted me in understanding how my mental illness (disordered eating) had affected and impacted those around me. It is a sad, heavy, sometimes funny and often hopeful title that will have you in all of your feelings. I don't know how many great things I can say about this. It is well-written, well considered, and is a fantastic display of what this very often misunderstood mental illness truly is and how treatment goes and can feel. I felt this is a good representation of eating disorders and eating disorder treatment.