Could Be Better

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This book is about Anna and her time in an eating disorder center. It shifts between the present in the center and the past with some of what led her to be anorexic. I liked the prose-like writing in the book. It made it a quick and easy, yet heavy read because of the subject matter.

Anna and her husband Matthias's speech put me off a bit. It was written very formally with cannot, will not, am not, etc. instead of using the more informal contractions. Maybe this is because they moved to America from France, but since that's not how most people speak, it took me out of the story a bit.

I was satisfied with the ending of the book and it was a good book overall, but the things that bothered me about it caused me to give it a lower rating. I just feel there could have been a little more backstory and substance and it could have been a bit more realistic. (less)