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Did you know that at least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the United States?

The Girls at 17 Swann Street tells the story of Anna, a young woman who suffers from anorexia and her stay at a treatment facility.

Wow. This book has left me absolutely speechless, and yet I must try to convey how amazing this book was so that you will pick it up when it comes out next month. For starters, I loved the way this book was written. There was something lyrical and captivating about the style the author utilizes throughout the story. She also includes charts, eating plans, and medical notes that give you a very intimate look at 17 Swann Street. Anna is a character that I believe many will be able to relate to. As women, we are taught that skinny is beautiful. Images from the media are constantly reinforcing this idea. This book provides an honest, intimate, and raw look at life with an eating disorder. I also loved how the author showed how eating disorders affect the lives of those who love someone with an eating disorder. We mainly see this through Matthias, Anna's husband. We also see how lonely and isolating it is to live with an eating disorder, and how it's all about control. Although this was a fictional story, it felt so real and genuine. I absolutely loved this book, and you'll want to put it on your TBR for next month! For those of you struggling with body image issues, you are enough. You are beautiful.