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Russian Fantasy

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This is the second in the Winternight Trilogy and it loses none of it's magical, fantasy feel. Now just know that this is a heavier read. It takes some time and concentration to really immerse into the Russian world. My favorite part is the folklore. Arden really carries this novel with an old-world feel. The old pagan history battling the new religion sets it up to be an interesting commentary that could be applicable to modern day. I found this novel to read quicker than the first, but maybe that is because I was already familiar with the format and feel.

Vasya is a great character. She is conflicted, unsure, and at times scared, but she always faces her situation with bravery and intelligence. I did appreciate the added romance and chemistry between Vasya and the winter-king. I also enjoyed the added history and mystery of Vasya's grandmother.

I'm looking forward to finishing this series and learning where Vasya's story ends.