One of my favorite series

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This is my favorite series of all time. Generally, a series will kind of falter in the middle, but oh my goodness this defied tropes and beyond! Vasya is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. Arden did not hold back with this one, she continues to write Eastern European folklore in a historical context incredibly well. When Kasyan popped in, I immediately recognized where Arden was going with this and I became so excited!
Vasya’s character development is beautifully illustrated, and MOROZCO! THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! I love their dynamic, as well as the family and sibling dynamics that shape the storyline. The new setting, Moscow, brought new vigor into the series and it helped contextualize the battle between paganism and the influx of organized religion. It was interesting to see the political workings unfold and added a new dimension to the storyline.
I liked the pacing and the plot in this novel —it was enough to keep me engaged but not too fast that I felt thrown into whirlwind.