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Life Imitating Stories

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The majority of people would absolutely love this story. It is admittedly well written, but it's not my preferred genre or style of writing. Most would describe the writing style as poetic or beautiful, but to me it reads a bit more flowery and overly dramatic. I actually really liked the prologue, but just wish that the style was a little more conversational for the actual story.

The storyline was somewhat intriguing. I really liked how the ghost story was related to the character's lives. I also liked how shadows, the weather, dreams, etc. play into the story.

The characters were "okay". I would not say any of them were particularly likable and while I can enjoy a good antagonist, I feel like there were so many characters that it was initially (for me) difficult to keep them all straight.

I was clearly not the target audience for this book, but I think that is more of a reflection of my personal tastes than of the quality of the book preview.