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It was okay.

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The prologue is intriguing girl horse and snow. Lot of trees makes for a very scary start. The story goes in to interesting tales then picks up from there. I did think the first 3 chapters were pretty boring but realizing it might be mostly so we can get a sense of story kept going. Story comes from other parts to finish or help along the tale of the prologue starts. I wouldn’t mind reading the story but as it is a trilogy I would dearly like to read the first book first.

The snow does help make the story seem even more than what it should be. Tis a tale of cold and horror with bandit lurking and a war mayhaps be brewing. A Grand Princess sits while others tell of ghosts and scary stories please just let me hear what the prologue started telling. A mystery where girl disappears in a woods seems more intriguing than a bunch of women sewing and waiting in a room.