I love a story rich in folklore.

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I loved this series and this book. It is beautifully written rich with Russian folklore, action and magic. In this second book Vasilisa must pose as a boy to able to join in the fight for her people and village against the onslaught of bandits. She is brave and fearless and proves to be a strong willed heroine in disguise. The Prince honors her as a hero and becomes a part of his circle. There is the part with magic and supernatural elements with Frost. She is rather fortunate she has a gift that saves her and is given respect. Frost does not spare anyone but does Vasilisa. This is a magical story that is full of intrigue and suspense. It will make you feel sad, thrilled and on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next. How will Vasilisa come out of each situation she encounters. The characters are Interesting and Frost is too.