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"So she clung and her bones loosened and her whole body lit with cool fire. Even your brothers would call you damned now, she thought, but she utterly did not care."

This book is every bit the match of, if not better, than The Bear and The Nightingale, the first book in the Winternight Trilogy. It's rich with the details of 14th century Russia and a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Russian fairytales. The complicated and growing love story between herself and the Winter King could be simultaneously coming to a head and crashing to its end when secrets of her past become further revealed during her fight to save her family.

I really can't say enough good things about this book, this series. It's built upon the common foundations of a woman who doesn't fit the confines of what society will allow her to be, but it's so beautifully handled that it has nothing in common with standard stories in this vein. It's tragic, hopeful, desperately crushing, and leaves you grasping for more at the close. I will be closely watching the publication date for the third book.