Action packed & thrilling!

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“She is herself,” said Sasha. “Doom and blessing both, and it is for God to judge her."

"Witch. The word drifted across his mind. We call such women so, because we have no other name.”

An action packed, thrilling adventure tale that picks up shortly after the events of book one and transplants you, along with Vasya, right into the heart of Moscow. This book really expands upon the character's introduced in the first one and gets to the crux of what is happening socially and politically in this vibrant city.

I love the contrast between old and new world values, how Vasya transcends the roles that are offered to her, and her relationship with her family.

I likely would have finished this sooner if my seasonal depression hadn't kicked my ass so much in February. If you liked book one, you'll adore book two. I strongly recommend if you love fantasy with fierce female characters.