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Absolutely spectacular

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I was curious about Winternight trilogy because The Bear and the Nightingale has an interesting synopsis, but I still didn’t read the first book so I am not familiar with the characters or the plot.

My first reaction was how beautifully the prologue is written, mysterious and suspenseful. I could feel the chill, an ice storm in a white forest at night. I was intrigued! What is happening? Why is that girl there? Who is she looking for? I wanted to know but chapter one begins with other characters. At first I was dissappointed but it got even better than I was expecting.

We are introduced to three women and one of them, Olga, is waiting for her brother, looking at the window. The most bizarre conversation begin with one of them telling she saw a ghost. A ghost! And then Olga tells us a story that was lovely, sad and hopeful.

This book is so rich in detail that I told myself that I really need to read the first book because I surely want to continue reading The Girl in the Tower.