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I picked this book up on a whim. I think the library recommended it. But I’m glad they did!
The story follows a girl in Russia who is gifted to be able to see the spirits/fae around her. I know there is so much that is missing from history with Russia but the author has spun a fantastical web of different creatures all around her to take on the adventure of her lifetime. I also loved that at the end, the author gave sources to learn more about Russia.
The book had some interesting twists and had me guessing at a lot of it. Although it did have triggers, childhood trauma, they skimmed to make things easier so it was barely a thing.
It has a lot packed in- fantasy, drama, a bit of young love romance, along with putting into a world that seems so different than what we know.
1 POV so sometimes it keeps you wondering what others ‘ motives are. To see also how stubborn people can be.