The Sins of Our Fathers..........

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While Carel Geische believes he is the saviour of Fredericksburg, Texas, the rest of the town isn't so sure. When Max Ritzi shows up at his childhood home, things start to unravel and the fallout touches everyone. As you get into the story, you can't help the feeling that there is an undercurrent that we haven't quite been let in on. I wondered why some of the characters had made the life decisions that took them out of the town and why most of the people that stayed after high school seemed to be stuck in the same rut. Without saying too much, "the sins of our fathers" plays an important part in the history as well as the future of Fredericksburg.

This was a fascinating read and I saw a lot of parallels between Fredericksburg and the small town that I am living in. We are a product of our history!