i wanted to love it

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I didn't finish this one. Well, I did. I just... skipped half of it. I got bored fast, and then I was just skimming and skipping through the book. It felt like a Six of Crows wannabe, but the characters were less fleshed out and the writing much harder to read.

I generally love heist books, and I generally love France, and I generally love bands of misfit, but I still didn't like this book. It was... too slow? Too dense? I'm not sure.

I DID like all the puzzles though. That was fun. I am a fan of puzzles. Even then though, they felt clunky and poorly introduced. The puzzles didn't fit into the natural flow of things, however much I enjoyed them.

I just read this, and I barely remember what happened. There was a boy with spiders. And a girl who is good at building things (and solving puzzles) but has poor social skills. And I think the boy with spiders got kicked out of a school? That's really all I remember though... I really wouldn't recommend this one.