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Gimme all the Gilded Wolves Books!

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I thought the first few chapters were a bit slow, but, after that, the pacing was set at a much better…pace, or..tone I guess, that could work too. [No lie, I am exhausted]

The setting is fabulous, the Worldsfair in Paris, 1889, and so I was there for that whole aesthetic, 100%.

The crew was really fun, and the diversity and representation was truly such a huge plus for me. It’s definitely one reason I would recommend anyone to read this who is even slightly interested.

I was also a big fan of Chokshi’s writing style, I like that kind of ‘languid’ and detailed flow. [Though as mentioned, it was a bit slow even for me at the start]

There are some great looks at the injustices of time and history in this book and it was another element I could really appreciate.

Each member of the crew brought something unique to the table and watching them work as a team was definitely a joy. Hands down for me though, Hypnos stole the show whenever he graced us with his presence, though, aside from him I do think that Enrique was my favorite. [It’s really weird to type that as that’s my father’s name lol and of course he’s a favorite of mine as well lolol]

I did think the drama between certain characters was a bit heavy-handed, I hate when things are dragged out just for show, it makes it feel a bit inorganic and that combined with the slightly disjointed pacing at the start were reasons enough for me to put it at 4.5 instead of a full five on here.