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The Gilded Wolves takes us back to 1889 in the city of Paris. Sevérin is a hotel owner and treasure-hunter. He’s a decently rich man who’s services are often needed, and he jumps at the opportunity to form a team to seek the one treasure he’s always wanted: his rightful inheritance. Will Sevérin and his team be successful?

Roshani Chokshi does an exceptional job setting the beautiful scenes throughout The Gilded Wolves. Paris in 1889 with a touch of magic sounds utterly divine! The cast of characters throughout the book was also great. I felt they had very diverse personalities, but worked well together.
I listened to the audiobook for a good portion of this book and I didn’t like the narrator. I became quite confused and had to revert back to the hard copy and reread a good bit. I loved the writing and setting of this one! Overall this one gets 3.8 stars.